Simple Basketball Plays – Split The Post

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Go to to learn the #1 basketball drill every coach should know! Try this simple basketball play when you need an…


Etay Hamenahem says:

thanks coach. this is great stuff!

Basic Ball Philly says:

Can’t wait to try this with my kids

monmalcolm says:

thank you so much coach it works!!!

Anthony11qq says:

Coach P, this is a great video. Thanks for posting it. Im wondering for 5th grade youth hoops how many plays you suggest we run? Also, which ones would provide the best foundation towards focusing on fundamental principles preparing them for future development .

Kieran L says:

Well set out, and of course, a cool play

coachk croslan says:

this play help men advance to elite 8 in aau nationals 11gd

Jennifer Beslow says:

thank you!

Arieanna Mills says:

This is Arie I am the only one that knows play an organized game of basketball. Could you maybe make more of the back door option 1 ?

kevinseveneleven says:

you’re running laps for the rest of practice until you learn how to listen

taiello77 says:

Jerry P. is the man!!!

grokker10 says:

Very nice play. Thank you.

KellyKellylvr9000 says:

My coach is making us use this play!

dookdawg214 says:

This would be worthless in a zone. The idea is to force the defenders to play up high and then beat them back-door.

TheMaclain123 says:

this guy would really get picked off?

vgo2009 says:

anyone have this play written out? i’m coaching a private jr high school, so a paper format to give my team would help.

Nearco Mike says:

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nc play..!

Thomas Harwood-Stevenson says:

Cheers for this, Coach Pat

athzre says:


Jabari Bruce says:

It would work the best with a man defense

John Hizon says:

Is this for a man to man D or Zone?

taiello77 says:

Pretty sure that if you have to ask whether this is an offense for a zone or man D, you have no clue about hoops…IMHO

808BAMFasian says:

I need help im joinin badketball for high school and i cant really member the plays can u give me tips and help

jordzillalec says:

this was a play on my old team!!! wait are you in high school?

Warda Ashraf says:

Coach Pat, that was very helpful. Thank you!

broncodude2324 says:

We use this for are team… It is very affective

austin riddle says:

i like it, but it seems to complicated.

x3u93n3x says:

Yes, these videos are very helpful. Thanks coach pat!

Nubbin Zareno says:

looks like a triangle.. nice play..

TheLangeMuzen says:

Would love to see more! This system works fantastic with all sorts of players.

mrreman says:

According to Dr. P, it to 3 – 1 hr practices to teach them.

hsze says:

wow, these guys look well trained.

wtfwtfwtf325 says:

this is shit nice !!!!!!

Debra511Maria says:


Jared L. says:

3 in the key from above the free throw line?

contrerasrrrr says:

nice and effective

Lee Zhen Ming says:

I didn’t like the way the man playing the center position has no scoring options. It would be a lot better if something could be included in there instead of passing to him as a last resort to make a shot from the free throw line.

MrFirepower2000 says:

love this video .

MrMan6577 says:

he’s not even in the key..

Steve o says:

My team runs somthing identical to this instead of the 2 going through we have the 4 but all in all we run the same thing

Ryan Farias says:

 He’s above the freethrow line, so it’s not three second call. You can’t be in the box. You can be above the free throw line all you want

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